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Friday, 12 August 2011

Listography - Things I'd Change About Myself

After several weeks of checking in and seeing others responses to the weekly listographys hosted by Kate Takes 5, I thought it was about time I join in too.

This week's ist - 5 things I'd change about myself, following the one rule of leaving looks out. (personal side note - all ugly PND realted symptoms are off limits too)

1) Live in the Moment
I came across this in Mother Porridge's listography and knew it had to be number one for me.  I am forever looking towards the future and, for the life of me, I can't remember a highlight in my late twentys.  Although I know I won't stop planning ahead, I'm vowing to take each day as it comes.

2) Take more Risks
When I'm presented with an opportunity, I tend to weight every pro and con and play it safe, but that means life has become a bit of a plod.  However, I know that sometimes taking the leap is necessary to discover and experience things I'd never have thought of beforehand. There's a saying out there that "we never regret what we've done, only what we haven't" and that rings true for me.

3) Open up to Others
While it may be hard to believe if you've read me spilling my guts out on this blog, I have to know someone a very long time before I can truly open up and tell them how I'm feeling.  Thoughts, opinions, plans - no problem.  Things like emotions?!?! That's hard work for me and quite often means I'll be looking at the floor while I'm letting it out, then follow it by making a joke - heaven forbid you know I'm a bit sappy or sad.

4) Be more Social
Okay, a bit stumped on how to go about this one.  In my single days, this was easy as I had roommates and we all had different friends so connecting with new people was so easy I barely thought about it. Howeve now, after several years in the same place, I have a very small circle or (albeit it wonderful) local friends.  Somehow I need to expand my horizons and meet others.

5)Stop feeling Guilty about 'Me time'
This almost deserves it's own post (I'll remember that for later).  Every few weeks I recognize how valuable having time for myself is and I vow to carve out a few moments each day or longer periods of time every few days to do something just for me.  Then, when the time comes, I realize I haven't written in a while, dishes or laundry need to be done, it's time to take a shower, etc.  It's even harder when my husband is home as I value our time together so immediately feel guilty if I spend time on my own instead of with him.  He keeps assuring me that this is silly but it's rare I listen.  Time to make that vow again. 

1 comment:

1978rebecca said...

Oh gosh - really identify with your list. Especially number 5 - I'm trying not to feel guilty about having time to myself - most of the time it's only little moments of time. Think you have to take them when you can.

Also agree with the opening up thing. I've got much better since having children but I always used to worry I was repeating myself or boring people. Now I don't spend so much time with other adults I just love any chance to blabber away. Still worry I'm boring people though!