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Why I write

My early days of motherhood were filled with more challenges than I ever thought possible. One of the biggest has been a battle with post natal depression. 
One of the major factors in my recovery has been listening to others tell me their stories. It's helped me realise how common it is, to remember it is an illness, and to see that others have found that elusive light at the end of the tunnel.  I vowed that, once I was strong enough, I'd share my story in hopes that I could do my part for other women who may be feeling similar.

In the spring of 2011, I had the opportunity to write Tackling Taboo for Maternity Matters.

The feedback was amazing and it also reminded me how much I enjoy writing.  There was so much more of my story that I wanted to share and there were also several issues I knew I needed to face in order to help my own recovery. I started this blog to chronicle my journey, as honestly and as openly as I could possibly manage. In time, I did get better, but the journey hasn't ended. There is still more I want to share and more healing for me to do. I don't write as often as I once did but I will continue to share my story. Motherhood can feel profoundly lonely but we are never alone.

Since starting my blog, I have discovered that not only am I not alone in this fight, I am not alone in wanting to share my story.  The community of PPD/PND survivors that are now talking about this is incredible and it is growing. We will break the stigma. No mother should ever be afraid to ask for help. I am incredibly proud to be among those who are letting others in on our journeys to recovery.

Thank you for visiting and thanks for reading!